Friday, July 08, 2005

Boys to Men? Not Likely!

Boys to Men? Not Likely!
New writer, market researcher and infamous wedding DJ Derek Lynch reckons that just about everything he's ever listened to has influenced him (even if most of it just influenced him to turn the radio off!). Local punk pop crew Tweak, however, influenced Derek to pen this upbeat piece on boybands vs boy bands…

Let 's get it straight - there are boybands and there are boy bands. Boybands are all about manufactured, throwaway tunes, pretty faces and synchronized dancing - a puppet show by any other name. Boy bands, on the other hand, are about ridiculously young, ridiculously talented musicians with tunes and energy that leave you feeling as breathless as a smoking beagle.

And nobody does boy band better than our very own Tweak, who recently decamped to the UK in order to search for their very own pot of gold in the notoriously fickle British music scene. South Africa's best have had very little success in the Big Smoke in recent times. Bands like Boo! and the Nudies knocked on Europe's door for years with very limited success - mainly playing to ex-pat South Africans and the occasional confused local ("but Princess Leonie is a bloke!" was the startled statement from an English friend I took to see Boo! play in a dodgy pub in King's Cross a few years ago).

So does Tweak have the talent, package and pure blind luck to crack the nut that their contemporaries have been gnawing at for years? To paraphrase Mick Jagger, time is indeed on their side (although it certainly isn't on his anymore). The members of Tweak are young. Bugsy the drummer looks as if he is barely out of nappies, let alone high school, and the rest of the band aren't exactly queuing for pensions just yet either.

Recent exposure on MTV will also help their cause, and with two full albums and numerous EPs under their belt already, they have a pretty extensive back catalogue of cracking pop punk tunes to unleash on a UK market that seems to be embracing indie music again. But what they do in the future will ultimately determine whether they can get on to the build-em-up, knock-em-down roundabout that is the music industry in the UK.

As long as Tweak refuse to grow up and keep churning out classic three-minute power pop tunes about teen angst and Britney Spears' breast implants, they should be able to capture the hearts and minds of the extensive European music market.

Good luck boys, we miss you already!


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